TBM Pilots in NB – REVISED

This is the second edition of Don Henry’s “Pilots – Years Worked” list. I have added names and initials where available, but for many there is no information, especially from the early sixties. Evidence of pilots who flew in 1960 and 1961 comes solely from Don Henry’s original list. (He must have had information that is no longer available to me.) The spelling of some names in the handwritten and typed lists varies between years; these lists were always modified over the course of the spray season, often by hand. I have also updated the years the TBM pilots worked, added the company they flew with (based on the ownership of the Avenger they flew) and added names of those who flew for FPL in later years (up to 2010).

U.S. and Canadian Pilots’ license numbers come from a 1958 list compiled by Wheeler Airlines and a 1971 list compiled by Evergreen Air Service. Some pilots on the 1958 list were designated as having had previous experience with budworm projects, which was important in the first year of TBM usage; this is noted.

Obituaries, articles and other information have been added, but I have not made an exhaustive attempt to research pilots. Steve Smith’s Fly the Biggest Piece Back (1988, rev. ed.) contains a list of Johnson Flying Service pilots (p. 227).

Some of these pilots also flew Cessnas and M-18s for the spray program.

Source: Don Henry, 2008
Revised 2014 by Chris Adam

Ken Atkins_Skyway TBM#612 wreckage_JuniperNB_1961_L1A-14

Pilot Ken Atkins beside the wreckage of Skyway TBM #612, Juniper NB, 1961.

Known US Pilots – Italics
Fatalities – bold

Abbott – 1979 [FPL]
Adami, Russell, lic.# 1405015 –  1971, 72 (Maine) [Hillcrest Aircraft]
Almond – 1969,70 [Conair Aviation]
Anderson, J.C., lic.# SC 103 – 1958,60,61 [previous experience with budworm projects] [Skyway Air Services]
Angus – 1974,75 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Annis, Ralph, McAdam, N.B. –  1981,82,83,84,85 [FPL] [FPL Chief Pilot 1991-1993]
Archer, Albert (Bert), Port McNichol, Ont. – 1969,70,71,72,73,74,75,77,78,79,80,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92, 93, 94 [Evergreen Air Services] [FPL]
Atkins, Ken J., FPL Chief Pilot, code name “Snoopy” – 1976,77,78 [Conair Aviation] [FPL] [Died in 2014 at age 85, Oshawa, Ont. Obituary]

Chief pilot Eric Bradley. Pheromone pod calibration, Brockway NB, 11 Oct 2006. [C. Adam

FPL Chief Pilot Eric Bradley. Pheromone pod calibration, Brockway, N.B., 11 Oct 2006. [C. Adam

Ball, Ed – 1960,61,66 [possibly Ball-Ralston?] [Skyway Air Services]
Bauer, B., lic.# 1410829 [crashed in Iowa en route to N.B. 1971 flying N9599C, fatality, Air Tankers Inc.]
Becon, Ron [Beckon? Breckon? A handwritten list has a "k" added to his name, another spells it with an "r".] – 1971,73,74 [Evergreen Air Service]
Beecroft – 1975,76,77 [Conair Aviation]
Beluse, M. – 1958,60 [previous experience with budworm projects] [Wheeler Air Lines]
Bezic  – 1966 [Skyway Air Services]
Biro, J. – 1975 [see FBEF crash] [Miramichi Air Services]
Bisson – 1974,75,76,78,79 [Miramichi Air Services] [FPL]
Blythe – 1974 [Conair Aviation]
Boulton [Bolton?] – 1970,71,72 [Conair Aviation]
Bowler – 1960,61
Boyce, A., lic.# YZC 7857 – 1958 [Wheeler Air Lines]
Bradley, Eric  – 1995, 96,97,98,99,2000,01 [FPL] [FPL Chief Pilot since 2000]
Brechin – 1980,81,82,83,84 [Hicks and Lawrence]
Brown – 1974 [Conair Aviation]
Buchanan, “Buck” – 1972 [see comment at FIMM] [Conair Aviation] [Buck Buchanan was an ex-Navy pilot who flew a TBM in the service. In 1974, presumably disturbed at having just bombed the crash site of a fellow pilot, Lloyd Rauw, near Clinton, landed his A26 wheels up in Williams Lake, and ceased flying. - George Plawski, comment on FIMM page. (Presumably in B.C. - C. Adam)]
Bumgarner, Walt, Moses Lake, Wash. – 1981 [owner, Stewart Aviation] [Walt is now a real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate in Moses Lake.]

Casselman – 1981 [FPL]
Carr, O., lic.# 1157017 – 1971 [SisQ Flying Service]
Cavoli – 1961
Chase, J.A., lic.# 1632445 – 1971 [Hemet Valley F.S.]
Clayton – 1979 [FPL]
Cline – 1961
Cliff , Malcolm “Mac”- 1981,82 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Clowes, Ron, Grand Falls, N.B. – 2001,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10 [Fatality in 2010, Miramichi, N.B., on a practice flight with GFPL] [FPL] [Obituary]
Cooper, Boyd, Edmonton, Alberta – 1966,67,69,72 [Skyway Air Services]
Craig, Dan – 1972 (Maine), 1982? [Stewart Aviation]
Cranford, Pete – 1972 [SisQ Flying Service]
Craven, R., lic.# C 5454 – 1958,60,74,75,76 [previous experience with budworm projects] [Wheeler Air Lines] [Hicks and Lawrence]
Creasey, Larry – 1976 [FPL]
Crocker, J. – 1976 [FPL]
Crook – 1958,61 [Skyway Air Services]
Culver – 1960
Cusic – 1981,82 [Stewart Aviation]

Sam Copeland + Walt Darran_Boston BrookNB_2Jun1976 - TWilson

Sam Copeland and TBM pilot Walt Darran, Boston Brook, NB, 2 June 1976 – Tom Wilson.

Darran, Walt - 1975 [FPL] “Walt passed away [in 2013] and a friend of mine Bob Forbes attended his memorial in northern California. He checked in on FB occasionally since 2010. He flew with Bob and Don Ornbaum back in the ’70’s at TBM, Inc. Porterville, CA. I just spotted Walt’s name also on the revised pilot’s list with this photo.” Obituary.
Posted to FPL Alumni 27 May 2014, Phil M. Schmidt.
Davidson – 1961
Davis – 1974,75 [FPL]
Deming, Bill, lic.# 42490-41 – 1969,70,71,72,76,77,78,79 [Johnson Flying Service] [Evergreen Air Services] [FPL]
Denton – 1972 [Johnson Flying Service]
Deschenes, G. – 2009,10 [FPL]
Doherty, P. – 1996,97,98 [FPL]
Dorcas, Kevin – 2004,06,07,08,09,10 [FPL]
Duch – 1974 [Conair Aviation]
Duncan, R., lic.# 1342770 – 1971 [Reeder Flying Service]
Dunn – 1980 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Dyck – 1961

Pilots and crew at Sevogle_1972_DeweyPhoto_Hi-358

L to R: pilots Merrill McBride, Bob Graves, Mort Gossett and Kenny Owens in front of McBride’s Avenger CF-ZTA. [From the FPL files]

Ellison, Warren – 1958 [Skyway Air Services] [died 8 Feb 2008, bio in Rudder Flutter 58(2): Spring 2012]

Fagan, Mike, lic.# 1440109 – 1971,72 [Hillcrest Aircraft]
Fair – 1981,82,83,84,85 [FPL]
Falkowski – 1972,73,74 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Farrell, William – 1978,79,80,81,82,83 [see 1989 crash article at Sevogle Times] [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Fenwick, Dave – 1980,81,82,83 [FPL]
Fewell, J. – 1960,61,66,69,71,72 [Wheeler Air Lines]
Folden – 1961
Foote, Bert – 1960,61,75,80 [FPL]
Fotheringham, J. – 1990,91,92 [FPL]
Fournier, C. – 2001 [FPL]
Froese – 1969,71 [Conair Aviation]
Fury [Furey?] – 1978,84,85,86 [FPL]

Pilot John Gomany at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000

Pilot John Gomany at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000. [FPL files]


Gallagher – 1973,74 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Gamble – 1980,81,82,83 [FPL]
Garon, Paul, Truro, N.S. – 1976,78,79,82,85,86,87 [Fatality; crashed 1987 while flying GLEH. There is a detailed account of the crash, complete with a map, on The Sevogle Times site (The Garon Dossier).] [FPL]
Germaine – 1978,79 [Hicks and Lawrence]
Gilland, Frank – 1972,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,82,83 [Evergreen Air Services] [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Gillies, Bill – 2004 [FPL]
Glass, C. – 1975 [FPL]
Godby – 1974 [Hicks and Lawrence]
Gomany, John – 1977,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90, 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,05 [FPL]
Gossett, Mort – 1972,73,76,80 [Conair Aviation] [FPL]
Graves, Bob – 1969,70,71,72 [Wheeler Airlines] [Reeder Flying Service]
Green, B. – 1966,67 [J.D. Irving]
Greene, Ray, lic.# 1203376, Twin Falls, Idaho – 1960,66,69,70,71,72,75,76,77,78,79,80 [Johnson Flying Service] [Evergreen Air Services] [FPL]
Grosenick, Bill – 1970,71,72 [Conair Aviation]
Grunniger  [Grunigar?]- 1969,70,72 [Conair Aviation]
Guindon – 1978,79,81,82 [FPL]
Gummer, Tom – 1975,77 [FPL]
Gunns, ?, Yakima, Wash. – 1970 [Central/Airway?] [Fatality at St. Martins N.B. 1970 while flying N7031C]

Wood, Provenzano and Hyland, Dunphy 1981

Pilots Wood, Provenzano and Hyland, Dunphy 1981.

Dave Wilson in #23-WayneBurpee

Dave Wilson in #23, in #23, Fredericton,NB, 27 July 2012. Wayne Burpee.

Haden, Andy – 1980,81,82,84,88,89,90,91 [FPL]
Haradon – 1973 [Hicks and Lawrence]
Harbison, Ray – 1981 [Stewart Aviation]
Hardwick, C.D. – 1958,60,61 [Wheeler Air Lines]
Harland – 1981 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]

Dan Hyland. Posted to FPL Alumni by John Wood.

His Royal Highness, the Right Honorable Earl of Hexham, aka Dave Fenwick, with his most treasured possession…..the “Sign”. Posted to FPL Alumni by J.Wood, 27Oct13

Harrington, Roy – 1971,72,78,79,80,81,82,83,84 [FPL]
Harrison, Bill – 1978,79,81,82,83 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Hartwanger – 1976,77 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Hawes, H. – 1962,63,64,65,66,68,69,70 [Skyway Air Services] [See the extensive comment by Harold Hawes' wife Hazel Clare HERE.]
Hiebert, Abram – 1981,82,83 [FPL]
Hill, Don – 1960,66,67 [fatality in B.C. crash while flying FKCK] [Skyway Air Services]
Hodson, John – 1966,67 [Skyway Air Services]
Holland, Jim, lic.# 57098 – 1960,61,69,71 [Hillcrest Aircraft]
Holmes – 1974,75 [Conair Air Services]

    Dan Hyland. Posted to FPL Alumni by John Wood.

Dan Hyland. Posted to FPL Alumni by John Wood.

Hopping – 1978,81,82,83 [FPL]
Houghton, Ronald – 1977,78 [FPL]
Hutchings, Clayton, Corner Brook, Nfld. – 1980,81,82,84,92 [1931-2003; see 2004 article "Clayt"] [FPL]
Hutchison – 1976 [Hutcheson in FKCL list] [Conair Aviation]
Hyland, Dan – 1975,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,88,89,90 [Conair Aviation] [FPL]
Hyslop, Bob – 1980,81,82,83 [FPL]

Clayton Hutchings_Canadian Aviator Jul-Aug 2004

Clayton Hutchings’ obituary in Canadian Aviator, Jul-Aug 2004.

Inman, John – 1974,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83 [FPL]

Jackson, C., Wetaskiwin, Alberta – 1960
Jausseran – 1978 [FPL]
Jewers, Leigh – 1977,78,79,80 [FPL]
Johnson, W. – 1972 [Hillcrest Aviation] “W. Johnson was likely the pilot that “visited” us as in [a] TBM “dive bombing” the Clarkston shop in ’71 after returning from Viet Nam.” [posted to FPL Alumni, 27 May 2014, by Phil M. Schmidt]
Jones – 1960,61
Jorgenson, George – 1972,77 [FPL]
Joyall, Irwin – 1999,2000,01,02,05,06 [FPL]

John Inman in a parody Camel ad - TBM#17 GFPN

John Inman in a parody Camel ad back in the days before Photoshop. It was literally cut and paste. Humour from thirty years ago – M. Provenzano.

Keith, “Doc” – 1973 [Conair Aviation]
Kelly, Dean – 1971,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83 [Evergreen Air Services] [Hicks and Lawrence] [FPL]
Kirschke, J. – 1975,76,77,78,80,81,82 [FPL] [Stewart Aviation]
Knights, H. “Slim”, Kamloops, B.C. – 1966,67 [Skyway Air Services]
Knudson, S., lic.# 304590 – 1966,67,71,72 [Wheeler Air Lines] [Hemet Valley F.S.]

Pilot Erwin Joyall at FPL, Miramichi NB. [FPL files]

Koerfgen, Hans – 1975,76,77,78,79,84,88 [Hicks and Lawrence] [FPL]
Komberec, Dick, lic.# 1600935 – 1971,72,77 [Johnson Flying Service] [FPL] ["Dick Komberec, at 26 one of the youngest retardant pilots flying out of Missoula for Johnson, got his low-level experience spraying forests in New Brunswick." In Smith 1988:275, quoting a 1973 article by Charles Hood in the Missoulian.]
Korpatniki, Pat – 1960,61 [Skyway Air Services]
Kydd – 1969

John Lavigne & Don Henry at FPL_2000_P_43

J.J. Lavigne receiving a plaque from Don Henry commemorating his retirement and his dedication to the ACAM TBM restoration project. At FPL, 2000.

Hans Koerfgen - FZYC history-15

A page from Don Henry’s history of FZYC featuring Hans Koerfgen.

Laird, Bob – 1960,61,78,79 [FPL]
Langeman, Ralph – 1966,67,69,70,72 [see article] [Skyway Air Services] [Conair Aviation]
Lapham, John – 1976,78 [FPL]

Pilot Ralph Langeman article, FPL files, source not known.

Laudert, K., lic.# 1752170 – 1971,72 [Reeder Flying Service]
Lavigne, John J., (J.J.) – 1970,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90, 91,92 [see article 1998] [Wheeler Air Lines] [Maritime Air Service] [FPL] [FPL Chief Pilot - 1993-2000] [John is retired and is a member of the FPL Alumni facebook site.]
Lawrence – 1971 [Reeder Flying Service]
Lebans, B. – 1966,67 [Skyway Air Services]

Pilot B. LeBlanc at FPL, Miramichi, NB. [FPL files]

Pilot B LeBlanc at FPL, Miramichi NB. [FPL files]

LeBlanc, B. – 1981,82,83,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Linkowich, Alex (aka Linc Alexander), Red Deer, Alberta – 1960,61,66,67 [author Firebomber into Hell] [Skyway Air Services] [See comment below]
Lippott – 1975 [FPL]
Losee, Jerry – 1972,73,74,75,76,77 [Conair Aviation] [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Lumsden, Don – 1967 [Skyway Air Services]

Pilot R McKinnon at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000

Pilot R McKinnon at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000. [FPL files]

MacNeil, J. – 2000 [FPL]
Maike, L. – 1975,76,77,83 [Conair Aviation] [FPL] [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Marcoux, Claude – 1969,70,74,75,77,81,82,83 [Wheeler Air Lines] [Evergreen Air Services] [Conair Aviation] [FPL]
Marsden – 1973 [Conair Aviation?]
Marston, Thomas “Tommy”, Langley, B.C., lic.# SC 46 – 1958 [previous experience with budworm projects] [Skyway Air Services, age 37, flying FIMJ, first casualty in the TBM spray program]
Martindale, Tom, Tillsonberg, Ont. – 1973,74,79,80,82,83 [Hicks and Lawrence] [FPL]
Mason, C.I. – 1958,60 [Wheeler Air Lines]
McBride, Merrill – 1972,73,74 [Miramichi Air Service] [Fatality; crashed in 1974, Sevogle N.B., after hitting the slipstream of the preceding aircraft on a turn.]

Pilot John MacNeil at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000. [FPL files]

Pilot John MacNeil at FPL, Miramichi NB, 2000. [FPL files]

McGarrigle – 1966 [Skyway Air Services]
McIlwaine, Robert – 1975,76,77,83,88,89,90,91,92,93 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
McKinnon, B. – 1981,82,83,84,87,88,89,90,91,9293,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,03 [Hicks and Lawrence]
McKnight, Don – 1976,77,78,80 [FPL] ["I worked as a TBM pilot in 76,77,78,80 and also as a pointer in the mid 60s and look back at those years as a highlight of my career as a fixed and rotating wing pilot." - Don McKnight, comment posted below, 18 Jan 2011. Don is retired and is active on the FPL Alumni facebook site.]
McLaggan – 1971 [Conair Aviation]
McLean, Robert, St. Albert, Alberta – 1979,80,81,82 [Fatality; crashed in 1982 while flying GFPQ] [FPL]
McMaster – 1975,76 [Conair Aviation]
Melhaeff – 1969 [Mehlhaeff in list]
Mereien, R. – 1974,75,76,77 [Hicks and Lawrence]
Moffat – 1961
Musgrove – 1960,61 [Gil?, Johnson F.S. pilot; Smith 1988]
Muszala – 1981 [Stewart Aviation]
Myers, Gene – 1970 [J.D. Irving]

Merrill McBride in cockpit of Miramichi Air Service #23, FZTS, 1972.

Merrill McBride in cockpit of Miramichi Air Service #23, FZTS, 1972.

Nelson – 1977 [Conair Aviation]
Norman, J., lic.# 509412 – 1960,66,71 [Wheeler Air Lines] [Hemet Valley F.S.]

O’Brien – 1972 [Reeder Flying Service]
O’Rourke – 1960
Osen – 1960 [Olsen?]
Oswald, P. – 1976 [FPL]
Otis, L., lic.# 1468379 – 1971 [Air Tankers]
Owens, Kenny, lic.# 422260 – 1960,61,66,69,70,71,72 [Reeder Flying Service] [Conair Aviation]
Owen, Maurice, lic.# 1061892 – 1971,72 [Skyway Air Services] [Johnson Flying Service; Smith 1988]

Pilot Kenny Owens, Sevogle airstrip, June 1972. Dewey Photography (Chatham NB).

Pilot Kenny Owens, Sevogle airstrip, June 1972. Dewey Photography (Chatham NB). [From the FPL files]

Page, J., lic.# 97184 – 1970,71 [Johnson Flying Service]
Paul, Norm – 1972,73 [Conair Aviation]
Paton, Barry – 1970 [Maritime Air Services]
Payton, John, lic.# 95214 – 1971,72,76,77,78 [Hemet Valley F.S.] [Maritime Air Services] [FPL]
Pearson, Mel – 1972,73 (Ontario) [Conair Aviation]
Peck, Cecil – 1976 [FPL]
Peters – 1969
Plawski, George – 1966,67,71 [see comment on FIMM page] [Skyway Air Services] [SisQ Flying Service]
Poole – 1969,70 [Conair Aviation]
Popert, D. – 1984,85,86,87,91,92,93 [FPL]
Poteet, N., lic.# 37304 – 1970,71 [Hillcrest Aircraft] [Evergreen Air Services]
Popham – 1975 [FPL]
Porter, lic.# 404264 – 1971,72,78 [Johnson Flying Service] [FPL]
Potter, Richard “Dick” Harry, Missoula, Mont.- 1976,77 [Fatality, crashed 1977 near Dunphy airstrip, N.B., while flying GLEQ; see the Steve Smith article in Smith 1988;278-279, reprinted on the GLEQ page.] [Johnson Flying Service] [FPL]
Potter – 1982 [Stewart Aviation]
Prast – 1973 [Miramichi Air Service]
Provenzano, Mark, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – 1979,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Pugh – 1984 [FPL]

Mark Provenzano beside TBM #22 (M. Provenzano)

Mark Provenzano beside TBM #22 [M. Provenzano]

Ragany, Paul – 1975,76,77,78,88,89,91 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Rauw, Lloyd – 1971 [Conair Aviation] [Died 1974; See comment under Buchanan above and at FIMM]
Reid, Wendell, lic.# 337069 – 1971, 72 (Maine) [Hillcrest Aircraft]
Rensinck – 1958 [Skyway Air Services] [Resnick, Ralph in N7026C image but Reinsick in text of The First TBF/TBM Air Tanker?]
Retfalvy, Andrew – 1970,71,72 [president, Miramichi Air Service]
Richards, Gary – 1973,74,77 [Conair Aviation] [FPL]
Richardson, R. – 1969,70,72 [Ralph Ray Richardson, 1915-2011 , owner, Richardson Aviation, Yakima, Wash.; obituary]
Richardson, Chuck, Chief Pilot – 1958 [from caption on FIMQ crash]
Ricker, L. – 2002 [FPL]
Robb, Maurie – 1971,72,73 [Conair Aviation]
Roberts, A.B. – 1969 [Airway Inc]
Roth – 1980 [FPL] [Ken? Johnson Flying Service; Smith 1988]
Rowe, Howie – 1969,70,71,72,73 (Ontario) [Wheeler Airlines] [Conair Aviation]

Schas – 1960 [Dave? Johnson Flying Service; Smith 1988]
Sendra – 1966 [Skyway Air Services]
Shalala – 1975 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Shaughnessy – 1966 [Johnson Flying Service]
Skidmore, A. – 1969,70,71,72 [Wheeler Airlines]
Smeed, Robert – 1970,72 [Conair Aviation, 1972 fatality in Quebec while flying FAGL]
Smith, Bill – 1970,71,72,75,76 [Conair Aviation]
Soden, J. – 1984,89,90,91,92,93 [FPL]
Stad – 1977 [Conair Aviation]
Storrs – 1961
Stuart – 1975,76 [FPL]
Sward, G., lic.# 1394283 – 1971 [SisQ Flying Service]
Syme, Clarence “Clare”, Abbotsford, B.C. – 1961,69,70 [see article about the 1971 Avenger crash in Dryden, Ont.; these images clearly show that it was Hicks and Lawrence Avenger FZYB] [Conair Aviation]
Systma, Louis “Lou” – 1971,72 [see summary in FAYL comment]

Tall – 1976,77,78,79,80,82 [FPL]
Tomecek, Steve – 1969,71,73,74,77 [Conair Aviation]
Trunnell – 1961
Truran – 1969,70,71,72,75 [Conair Aviation]
Tweed – 1971 [Conair Aviation]
Tyerman, T. – 1976,77 [Conair Aviation]

Vallee, A.  [Valley in lists]- 1975,76,77,78,79 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Vermeulen – 1976,77 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying]
Verreault – 1979 [FPL]

Waldermire – 1960 [Bob Waltermire? A seasonal with Johnson Flying Service; Smith 1988]
Walker – 1960,61
Wall, A. – 1978,79 [FPL]
Watson, F., lic.# 1334692 – 1971,76,82 [Richardson Aviation] [FPL] [Stewart Aviation]
Wells – 1978,79 [FPL]
Weslowski – 1970 [Conair Aviation]
Westmorland – 1966 [Don?, Johnson Flying Service; Smith 1988] [Skyway Air Services]
Westinghouse, George – 1977,78,84,85 [FPL]
Westwood, “Knobby” – 1973 [Conair Aviation]
White – 1958,60 [Skyway Air Services]
White, Al, Moncton, N.B. – 1969
White, Ian – 1975,76,83 [Conair Air Services] [FPL]
Wilkie, Dale – 1974,77,84,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL]
Willett – 1979 [FPL]
Wilson – 1979,80,81 [FPL]
Wilson, Dave – 2007,08 [FPL]
Wilson, Tommy – 1960?,61 [Skyway Air Services]
Wood, John W. – 1978,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [FPL] [John is retired and is active on the FPL Alumni facebook site.]
Woodmansee, E.C. “Woody” – 1972 [California fire fighter] [Hemet Valley F.S.]
Wood, Stan – 1972,73,75,76,77,78 [Conair Aviation] [FPL] [Stan Wood was an ex-Navy pilot who flew a TBM in the service. - George Plawski, comment on FIMM page]
Woytaz, Al – 1972 [Hicks and Lawrence] [Don Henry wrote an account of Woytaz and the crash of FBQS.]

TBM pilot John Wood - fb

TBM pilot John Wood.

Yaworsky – 1973 [Evergreen Air Services]
Yuill, Eric – 1972,73 [Conair Aviation]

Zahorsky, Z. – 1961,66,67,73 [Wheeler Air Lines]
Zimmer – 1970 [Conair Aviation]
Zwartz – 1978 [Norfolk Aerial Spraying] [Fatality; crashed near Minto, N.B.,  1978 while flying GOBK]
Zys, J.T.J. “Ted”, lic.# YZC 7919 – 1958 [Skyway Air Services]

6 responses to “TBM Pilots in NB – REVISED

  1. John J (JJ) Lavigne

    Bert Archer was never chief pilot for FPL. Ralph Annis was chief pilot 1991 -1993. JJ Lavigne flew for Maritime Air Service 1970 and for FPL 1983 -2000
    and chief pilot from 1993- 2000 when he retired. Eric Bradley was chief pilot 2000 -2014

  2. This is to advise you of the passing of former air tanker pilot Linc Alexander, who flew in New Brunswick in the 1960s under his original name of Alex Linkewich. Linc was a well-known tanker pilot and author of several books on the topic. I first met him a couple of years ago when he joined the Quarter Century in Aviation Club here in Vancouver and we had some good conversations about air tankers, etc. Early this year he joined us as a Member of the Air Force Officers’ Association and I was shocked to hear of his passing due to a coronary, as I had seen him only a few weeks before. His ashes were spread over the water by a Conair Firecat on 07 Sep 12 and there will be a celebration of his life at a church near the Langley Airport on 09 Nov 12, including a missing man flypast by the Fraser Blues air demonstration team.
    Please contact me at jevernon@telus.net and I can send you several detailed attachments.

    Jerry Vernon,
    Secretary, Air Force Officers’ Association

  3. Kathy Sorgenfrie

    I was the Insecticide Clerk in Juniper, NB for two seasons–1975 & ’76. Never in my life have I experienced another situation where I worked as hard, (well, maybe the gravel pit in ’78…) slept less, or laughed more. The people I met–from the Goopers to the Gronchers to the Turkey Drivers–were all stellar, and these many years later I still remember each of them as if it were only yesterday. I find it’s really difficult to talk to anyone about that time who didn’t also experience it. Great memories and no regrets. Rock on , y’all! For those who have already passed on, hope to see you on the other side so we can relive it in one another’s stories. I’m 61 years old now, so we may not have to wait all that long! (Bet I could still carry my dipstick with panache…) With love and peace, “K!”

  4. Excerpt taken from dad’s diary dated Thursday, June 12, 1958
    About 8pm a TBM “Avenger” stalled & spun into the woods near Becaquimic Lake. I was flown to the crash which was still burning. They lowered me into the woods by hoist & with some difficulty I found the charred remains of the pilot, Thomas Marston, of Langley, BC. Stayed overnight at Juniper. John & Alice Lockart came into the airstrip.

  5. I worked as a TBM pilot in 76,77,78,80 and also as a pointer in the mid 60s and look back at those years as a highlight of my career as a fixed and rotating wing pilot

  6. Rhys W. Reynolds

    Ray Green also flew out of Juniper for Johnson as chief pilot under Reindeer#1 team in 1964. I was a radio operator there and got to fly with him as a stow away and flew from Juniper to F’ton at the end of the project with Ray and the rest of the team.

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