Companies That Provided Aircraft

This is an interactive Google map that provides locations of all companies in North America that provided Avengers to Forest Protection Limited. These companies are listed and in some cases described below.

We don’t have much information on most of the US companies. If you can provide information, history and links, please contact me (Chris Adam).

2 responses to “Companies That Provided Aircraft

  1. See that 66 Dodge in the background (Juniper 1970 pic) That belonged to Buck Innis !!!!!!!

  2. Richard Crossley

    Hi there.
    I wonder if you can help. I am building a 1/24th scale flying model of ‘Norfolks’ B18 in its earlier pale yellow and white scheme. I have some lovely sharp pics of this aircraft from the port side, but could do with some other views. I have scoured your website and found a couple more pics, but again from just the port side (there is a great stb side pic on your site, but its a later scheme with black and yellow) Just wondering if you have any other pics that you have not published? many thanks, Richard Crossley.

    PS, if you are interested, you can see one of my models flying on youtube, its a Brewster Bermuda, search for Brewster Bermuda if you want to see the vid.

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